Innovative Business Model<br>Spurs a sustainable energy transition

Innovative Business Model
Spurs a sustainable energy transition

Sunnyfounder is committed to becoming the provider of innovative solutions for a sustainable energy transition, allowing everyone to participate in the production and application of renewable energy, as well as adding a service model which would more stabilize the power grid systems.

Producing Renewable Energy

Sunnyfounder has created a platform with easy access for everyone to participate in the implementation of citizen power plants and share the economic benefits together. It helps resolve the past issue of high financial threshold for building a solar power system and encourages all to join forces to produce renewable energy; it’s a diverse model of participation according to everyone’s own interest and ability.

Applying Renewable Energy

In 2019, Sunnyfounder received the first Renewable-Energy-Based Electricity Retailing Enterprise Certificate of Taiwan, aiming to push the optimization of regulation policies, and had since actively participated in policy review meetings as a private industry. We believe that with more matching between green energy suppliers and consumers, the general public and the enterprises will have direct satisfaction in their needs of renewable energy.

A Stable Grid System

To cope with the increased proportion of renewable energy in Taiwan’s energy structures, the dispatch of energy has become a new challenge. Sunnyfounder is laying out an electricity liberalization market, and creating a new service with which the general public may participate in the dispatch of energy and the maintenance of stable grid systems.

Change the World with Green Energy

When facing global extreme climate situations and the promotion of energy transition is imperative, Sunnyfounder believes that innovative solutions from the perspective of industries should be an indispensable role for action.

Thus, Sunnyfounder’s service, including the platform of citizen power plants and diverse green energy applications, has combined all possible forces to push forward the development of renewable energy in Taiwan. We hope that promoting sustainable energy through the service model of participatory and sharing economy would cope with the needs of renewable energy when facing the challenge of climate change.

Sunnyfounder’s innovative service models have won the Asia Pacific Social Innovation Partnership Award. We are committed to be an enterprise that will help to shape a better earth and achieve the prosperous vision of harmoniously coexisting society, economy, and environment.

Sunnyfounder strides with the
United Nation Sustainable Development Goal

Sunnyfounder hopes that all people will strive for their desired green future and enjoy the benefits brought by green energy.

This vision echoes the seventh Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

“Ensure Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All.”

We are not only calling out everyone to share the benefits of the sun, we also dedicate ourselves to charity actions. Our innovative green charity models, in which we consent to donate more than 5% of time per year, have combined the effort of the enterprise and the general public to build solar systems for the disadvantaged groups.
Through Sunnyfounder’s initiatives, we hope to help reduce poverty, increase health, wellness, and education empowerment, as well as decrease inequality, and we believe that all people’s support for green energy will achieve a sustainable future.

SDG Wheel
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Solar Panels

Mobilize Enterprises to Light Up the Society

With Sunnyfounder’s innovative models, we combine the resources of enterprises’ corporate social responsibility with the cooperation of local and central governments to complete 15 green energy charity projects, which have helped more than 10 disadvantaged groups to receive long-term stable resources. These green energy actions have lightened up every corner of society.

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